Would your family know where to find all your important papers?

Like your Will, insurance policies, title deeds, business papers, birth or marriage certificates, divorce papers, your Superfund details,

a list of all your assets?

What if Disaster Struck? a Fire, a Flood, a Burglary…or worse?



The list of important papers is endless.

What if you could have all these papers looked after?

(and still keep certified copies of them at home)

Well now you can!!

For a small annual fee you can give your family total PEACE OF MIND that in the event of a disaster happening, all your important papers are …

Safe            Sound             Secure

Welcome to Store My Documents

Tell me more about the document storage service?

We all have very important papers and documents that need to be kept safely and securely.
A will, birth certificates, marriage/divorce papers, insurance policies, superannuation papers, passports and the list goes on.


These papers also need to be readily accessible by yourself or nominated persons in times of emergency or if you are not available. Currently where are your important documents? In your filing cabinet? In a drawer? Maybe in a box somewhere? Who else knows where you keep all of these documents? What would happen to all these documents if there was a fire at your property? Now available for your peace of mind is a service where your valued documents are kept safe, sound and secure.

Welcome to Store My Docs.

Please contact us today to see how we can help you.



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