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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my documents kept?




All documents are kept locally in WA and are readily available to you with 48 hours notice minimum.


All the buildings used are purpose built; they far exceed all building codes requirements and are made from materials that offer the maximum security and building strength. The document vaults are purpose-built, reinforced concrete bunkers with secure internal loading docks, situated in inconspicuous yet strategically chosen metropolitan locations. These vaults feature reinforced concrete ceilings, and do not share common walls with any other buildings. The state-of-the-art security systems ensure that our vaults are intrusion-proof.






What makes these buildings so special for keeping my documents in?




Every storage facility:


Is of masonry-steel construction with perimeter fencing

is situated in a ‘clean air’ environment, away from heavy industrial areas and the manufacture of noxious, toxic or hazardous substances

does not house hazardous materials

features an engineer-designed, high-level fire alarm system incorporating VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm)

and Gas Suppression,

connected directly to the Fire Brigade for early warning and immediate response

has walls surrounding the storage facility that are four-hour fire resistant

has roofing that is leak-proof and composed of non-combustible materials

has temperature and humidity controlled and monitored

does not permit direct sunlight to enter the storage facility

is not subject to flooding

is not adjacent to railway lines, high voltage electricity transmission lines or magnetic fields

is strategically located to meet all Disaster Recovery (DR) audit, compliance and regulatory requirements, including allowing for

rapid response to customer sites via a number of connecting roads and alternate routes

is monitored by state-of-the-art security and intrusion detection sys-tems, movement detectors, and seismic alarms

applies restricted access control to premises features CCTV cameras in strategic locations monitoring all movements

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

features code-locked doors throughout.






Are there any ongoing measures taken to ensure my documents are kept safe?




All shelving within the vault is designed to hold electronic media, whether in data cases or loose on open shelf and meet the industry standards for storage of media.


Every 3 months, the facility undergoes a full pest control fumigation process, where the staffs are evacuated and the pest control personnel carry out a full service of all internal areas of the building. The pest control company then supplies a pest control certificate, which is avail-able to all our clients on request.


All floor areas of the warehouse and vaults undergo a vacuum and sweeping process on a daily basis, with the vault floors also mopped on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the facility is kept as dust free as possible, which ensures client paper and media records are well protected from build up of dust and dirt.


Client viewing rooms for the purpose of private viewing of records are available for client use, giving them access to the internet, power point and coffee making facilities.


Client site visits can be arranged Monday – Friday between 8.30am – 5.00pm with 24 hours notice. Each visitor will need to sign a visitor register and provide proof of identity at the registration stage. After hours and holiday, visits can be arranged with a minimum of 24 hours notice and additional charges may apply.








How are the premises storing my documents monitored?




Out-of-hours monitoring of all facilities is controlled and supervised by Smart Security. Smart Security uses a Grade One monitoring station and follows a prescribed process of notification if an alarm is activated.


Facility access is controlled via a Tecom Challenger V8 Management Panel and Data Gathering sys-tem.


Security access cards and codes are provided to company staff only. Each staff member’s security access card allows them access to only those areas at only those times relevant to their job descriptions, while logging and monitoring their daily movement and activity.


Vault security is further enhanced by the absence of signage on buildings.


The company forgoes self-promotion in this valuable advertising space for the sake of our clients’ security. It also takes the additional precaution of refraining from publishing the street address of any of its sites or facilities.



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